# Ropsten Byzantium -> Constantinople fork Uh Oh! Ropsten has split, twice. **Let's fix it!** ## Summary ## Timeline [TODO] ## Resources [Constantinople progress tracker](https://github.com/ethereum/pm/issues/53) [Ropsten EthStats](https://ropsten-stats.parity.io) [Twitterings](https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=ropsten&src=typd) ## Syncing ### Which clients do I use to sync Ropsten? Hard to say. `harmony` has been in disagreement with `geth`, `parity` and `aleth` since block 4230000 (when the fork was scheduled). `geth` and `parity` have been in noticeable disagreement regarding block 4230605. The discrepancy is gas-used in [this](https://ropsten.etherscan.io/tx/0x2aa56c25d1b9eb2e6f3577bc460b71e0f700a442f40ae1ef08ea777bb85b1003) transaction - parity charged 791587, geth charged 1078987. According to a few `geth` nodes that've made it up to block 4230614, block 4230605 (that is acceptable to them) looks like [shown in this gist](https://gist.github.com/eosclassicteam/4dcf3eb5726e9df8901da317da47d2cf#file-formatted-geth-block-4230605-json) (JSON-RPC query response). According to at least one `parity` node, block 4230605 looks like [shown in this gist](https://gist.github.com/veox/f274e3170e8677c7c318bc46b586be06#file-parity-block-4230605-json) (JSON-RPC query response). RLP dumps for both can be found [in this gist](https://gist.github.com/veox/379ffd8480fab9edd14f904ae964986b) (see property `rlp`). ### What enode IDs should I add that are connected to the correct chain? It has not been determined which is the "correct" chain. (If copy-pasting, you'll likely need to remove the lines starting with `#`.) ``` # Atlantic Crypto - Parity 2.0.7 - This node is sync'ed to the WRONG chain. Usable for testing via parity - but this will not be the canonical chain when Parity is patched. enode://15aa790ac22160926596af4a43cdaf70e51b312fba2d4aca63a88bd1355a2bb29f74fc511518ab93f9b2ca10dc46954ecd0ee6782f9b7fadcf2cbc7e0c87e145@, # veox: Parity-Ethereum v2.2.0-unstable-5319d33bc (local build) enode://3e780f1fcccbab817bb74fdfb026f2c8fca53a610f42a488eafee1c415aa263a66bdf4424dc40fbbb6a11fb8c134c8c5eb60877087ca5c642da9c995876f6df0@, # veox: Geth 1.8.17-stable-8bbe7207 (via Ubuntu PPA) enode://053d2f57829e5785d10697fa6c5333e4d98cc564dbadd87805fd4fedeb09cbcb642306e3a73bd4191b27f821fb442fcf964317d6a520b29651e7dd09d1beb0ec@, # infura: Geth 1.8.17-stable @egalano & @tueric enode://561570ba6c2f297026e14af3e6a555759430a7f8a6d556ff157e804a31908ec8e1f73cc231163fa7281227f3b46f3f0fb3ea93f61fb1a95c90350efcbccfb419@, ``` ## Mining ### Which pool do I need to connect to and mine? You likely shouldn't, the network's broken enough. That said, the following are available: * ropsten.atlanticcrypto.com:6666 (This is currently mining on the not-to-be-canonical chain) * SYNCING - ropsten-geth.atlanticcrypto.com:6666 (This will be on the canonical chain - currently offline) * ropsten-pool.eos-classic.io:8008 (`geth`?.. UI at https://ropsten-pool.eos-classic.io/#/) ### Instructions for those running Claymore miners: For Atlantic Crypto, place this in a bat file: ``` EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool ropsten.atlanticcrypto.com:6666 -ewal YOUR_ADDRESS -eworker 1070 -epsw x -allcoins 1 -mode 1 ``` For EOS Classic: ``` EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool ropsten-pool.eos-classic.io:8008 -ewal <address> -eworker <WORKER> -epsw x -allcoins 1 -mode 1 ``` ### Instructions for those running ethminer: For Atlantic Crypto, place this in a bat file: ``` ethminer.exe -P stratum+tcp://<address>.<WORKER>@ropsten.atlanticcrypto.com:6666 -X ``` For EOS Classic: ``` ethminer.exe -P stratum1+tcp://<address>.<WORKER>@ropsten-pool.eos-classic.io:8008 -X ```