# Ethereum Summoning Ceremony Timelines ## Timeline ```mermaid gantt title Summoning Ceremony Timeline section Dev Crypto Dev :2022-05-17, 2022-08-15 Crypto Audit Fixes :2022-08-29, 1w Sequencer Dev :2022-05-17, 2022-10-03 Interface Dev :2022-08-15, 2022-11-21 Sequencer audit Fixes :2022-11-15, 2022-11-21 section Audits Crypto audit :2022-08-15, 2022-08-29 Sequencer audit :2022-11-07, 2022-11-15 section Testnet Testnet + bugfixes :2022-10-11, 2022-11-21 section Contribution General public contribution :2022-11-21, 2023-01-31 Special public contribution :2023-02-01, 2023-02-22 ``` ## Deadlines ### Cryptography audit (SECBIT Labs) - **Deadline** - 2022-08-15 - **Duration** - 7 weeks The 1st audit (conducted by [SECBIT Labs](https://secbit.io/)) is focused on ensuring that the cryptography implementation used by the Sequencer & the participant actually implements the [`kzg-ceremony-specs`](https://github.com/ethereum/kzg-ceremony-specs/). ### Sequencer audit (Sigma Prime) - **Deadline** - 2022-10-27 - **Duration** - 7 weeks The 2nd audit (conducted by [Sigma Prime](https://sigmaprime.io/)) is to check that the Sequencer software does not (inadvertently) censor any participants, that the queueing mechanism is correctly implemented, and that there are no major issues likely to result in the crashing of the Sequencer client. ### Devcon 6 & applying audit changes - **Deadline** - 2022-11-01 - **Duration** - 4 weeks The month of October is primarily focused on the execution of the Sequencer Audit, addressing issues that arise from said audit, [Devcon 6](https://devcon.org/) itself, and closed public contributions. By Devcon, the Sequencer and client should be stable enough to start accepting public contributions, as such community members will be encouraged to contribute with the understanding that should the audit raise a critical issue, we'll have to start contributions again. By the end of this period, an intermediate output will be taken from the ceremony to be used in test vectors for EIP-4844 implementors. ### Episode 1: general public contribution - **Deadline** - 2023-02-01 - **Duration** - 3 months This period is when the majority of the public contributions will be collected. The general public will be able to join the queue at will, participate, and publicise their contribution. ### Episode 2: special public contribution - **Deadline** - 2023-02-22 - **Duration** - 3 weeks During this period, members of the public will be able to register for a longer slot during which they can make a performance out of their contribution (eg. using a complicated means of generating a random seed.) ### Final output & client release - **Deadline** - TBA, assumed to be 2023-02-22 - **Duration** - 0 day :eyes: Assuming 3 weeks are needed between client release, and a network upgrade, this is the deadline for ceremony contributions. After the final contribution, the trusted setup will be baked into Ethereum clients and releases will be cut. ### Shanghai Upgrade goes live - **Deadline** - TBA, assumed to be 2023-03-15 - **Duration** - 3 weeks This deadline is based off of the Ethereum upgrade release schedule and is based off of two assumptions: CL & EL teams are ready for Shanghai in March, and EIP-4844 is included in Shanghai.