# ETHLondon Eth2 hacks :computer: The EF eth2 research team is excited to sponsor **$5k of bounties** at ETHLondon 2020! This is your chance to get your hands dirty with eth2 clients and tools, diving into Phase 0 testnets, validator tools, user interfaces, browsers, cell phones, and more! We want to see more integrative projects that excite you as developers and future validators. This is a opportunity to expand upon what is already in place, bring value to the burgeoning eth2 ecosystem, and _make your mark_. Now that the core of Phase 0 is built in robust client implementations and testnets, the possibilities to extend the work are endless. Eth2 hacks should take a high-level integrative approach, focusing on a goal that will benefit developers, researchers, validators, or users of eth2. ## Prizes :gift: Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 eth2 related projects -- $2500 for first place, $1500 for second, and $1000 for third. _Note: Eth2 judges will use their discretion when awarding. Projects must meet a minimum standard in quality and/or effort to qualify._ ## Where to get started :beginner: @protolamba put together an **[Eth2 hacker start](https://notes.ethereum.org/@protolambda/eth2_start)** guide with a great information to help get you started, along with a [bunch of challenges](https://notes.ethereum.org/@protolambda/eth2_start#Phase0-Challenge-Ideas) to get the gears turning. The challenges contained in the doc are samples that we think would be fun and approachable. These are not necessarily fully fleshed out and might just serve as an initial kernel to get you started. You can follow challenge exactly as stated or simply use it as inspiration :star2:. This challenge list is also not meant to be exhaustive. Winning hacks can just as easily have _nothing_ to do with this list. If you are unsure about your hack idea, reach out to one of the eth2 researchers/implementers on site or in the ETHLondon Discord. The best hacks are those that excite _you_ -- those that lead you down a rabbit hole for the weekend.