# ZK Co-funded Grant Round Wishlist ### Benchmarking and monitoring * Performance benchmarking for comparable proof systems/schemes. Some examples below: * Lookups comparison table (speed, memory, preprocessing) - univariate - multilinear - Polynomial commitment comparison tables - multilinear → univariate like Gemini, Zeromorph - Arithmetization comparison - ECC arithmetic in circuit summary and applicability (i.e. need recursive proofs or extra prover↔verifier communication) - Torus-based cryptography - Goblin Plonk - Sigmabus - ZKP of EC inner product via divisors and Weil pairings * Publicly accessible and legible security & trust assumption risk benchmarking for ZK systems. Some examples below: * Scalability solutions * Privacy solutions * Bridges * Publicly accessible interface (i.e. explorer or dashboard) for tracking on-chain verifier version deployment for each ZKR * Ideally provides a way to verify these verifier contracts (either provide detailed instructions to generate the verifier from the circuit source code, or do this automatically in the backend) * Analogous to “contract verification” on explorers, but for ZKP verifier contracts. * Status and alert page monitoring SLA across components of different ZK systems ### Tooling and standardization * ZK libraries and developer tooling * Forced inclusion tools and frontend for ZK and validity-proof based L2s * zkDSL<>Solidity transpilers * State witness standardization with reference implementation * Standardized finalization semantics * Define what it means for a zkRollup/L2 transaction to be “finalized" * Design standard RPC interfaces for querying finalization status. ### Applied ZK * Privacy-preserving KYC/AML/social attestations * Trust minimized and privacy preserving on/off ramps * ERC4337 bundler compression: application-specific calldata compression ### Research * Scalability of ZKP systems * Hardware acceleration * Software optimizations * Cryptographic optimizations * Multi/hybrid-proof systems * Based zkRollups * “Intents”-based architecture for dynamic data availability posting * Enshrined zkEVM * Randomness on ZKRs * Mobile proving: Halo2 proof system integration into mopro * Mobile proving: Noir proof system integration into mopro