# Data visualisation wishlist We need you to make Ethereum Data beautiful. This is the first challenge to bring Ethereum data to life through the power of visualization. You can help make technical concepts become more accessible. If you create a great visualization, it might be featured on **[Ethereum.org](http://ethereum.org/)** or other Ethereum ecosystem platforms. If this challenge produces enough quality content a dedicated page to publish the works might be built. An example would be to give the Ethereum roadmap a new design and make it interactive! For example, it could be linked to the relevant EIP discussions/data points. Be creative and make something beautiful. Your submission can take any form but must be hosted on a public webpage and your work must be free and open source. Data must be relevant. **You will need to pass KYC if your design is selected.** **https://t.me/+gLR44_yEsCdjZDI0** Telegram group EF data challenge you can join to ask your questions. You can take inspiration from this list (feel free to take a different perspective on the topics) or submit your own idea through the open slots: 1. **Make the Ethereum roadmap interactive** Yes, [that roadmap](https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/1741190491578810445/photo/1), but interactive and linking to relevant data. Dive into the core of Ethereum's future by transforming the Ethereum roadmap into an interactive masterpiece. Envision a visually stunning roadmap that not only highlights key milestones and updates but also integrates links to relevant repositories, EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) progress, and insightful articles discussing each advancement. Make it a journey through Ethereum's evolution that educates and engages the community. Don't hesitate to consult Tim's [Ethereum Roadmap FAQ](https://https://github.com/timbeiko/eth-roadmap-faq) Prize up to 5000$ 2. **Open slot** Surpise us and make Ethereum data beautiful. Prize up to $2000 3. **Lifecycle of a transaction** An open challenge for the best visualisation of the entire lifecycle of an Ethereum transaction. From wallet crafting to Ethereum finality. Whether it's a simple ETH transfer from Alice to Bob or a more complex interaction, your visualization should illuminate the journey of a transaction in the Ethereum network. Prize up to 1500$ 4. **Lifecycle of a validator** In the context of solo staking, create a compelling visualization that tells the story of a validator's lifecycle. Consider illustrating key aspects such as the impact of uptime over time, and the balance between hardware costs and rewards. Your visualization should provide insights into the challenges and triumphs of being a validator in the Ethereum ecosystem. Prize up to 1500$ 5. **Timeline of an EIP** Try to represent the timeline of an EIP / ERC from the time it's published to the time it's included (or not ?) Prize : up to 1500$ 6. **Best gas usage data visualisation (Gwei challenge)** Visualize Ethereum's gas usage in a way that demystifies and explains its intricacies and trends. Your visualization could become an educational tool or a live data tracker. Could be embedded on Ethereum.org : https://ethereum.org/en/gas/ Prize up to 1500$ 7. **Best client diversity visualisation** Visualisation of clients show the evolution over time and trends. We're looking for various representation of client diversity. Have a look at the ROP-8: Geographical distribution of Ethereum validators https://efdn.notion.site/e57d2e4d207a43c4abdaef71456e59ae?v=3aa44b30109a40aa90f2119d60c4d075&p=bad7233658cc41f38b26e7b4f6cf6e8b&pm=s Could be embedded on Ethereum.org : https://ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/nodes-and-clients/client-diversity/ Prize up to 1000$ 8. **Visualisation of stablecoin flows throughout the world** Represent stablecoin transactions around the broad EVM compatible ecosystem. Create a visualisation that helps understanding Stablecoins flow around the world. This visualisation should try to highlight behaviour differences accross regions. Prize up to 1000$ 9. **Best smart contract data visualisation** Create an interactive visualization that showcases the evolution of smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Highlight statistics such as the number of smart contracts deployed over time to provide a comprehensive view of smart contract activity. Could be embedded on Ethereum.org : https://ethereum.org/en/smart-contracts/ Prize up to 1000$ 10. **Block data visualisation** Innovate in how we view Ethereum's blocks with a visualization that shows blocks and how they fill over time. Whether using live data or historical data, your visualization should offer a unique perspective on block dynamics within the Ethereum blockchain. You could also chose to illustrate the blob data. Prize up to 1000$ 11. **Open slot** Surpise us and make Ethereum data beautiful. Prize up to $1000 12. **Data visualization for [Etheresear.ch](http://Ethresear.ch)** e.g Number of messages on each specific topics. Cluster type visualization. Prize up to 1000$ 13. **Best visualisation to explain Zero Knowledge proofs** Represent the economy of scale with proofs vs regular "non-batched" transactions. Could be embedded on Ethereum.org : https://ethereum.org/en/zero-knowledge-proofs/ Prize up to 500$ 14. **Explain Ethereum data availability visually** Could be embedded on Ethereum.org : https://ethereum.org/en/developers/docs/data-availability/ Prize up to 500$ 15. **Open slot** Surpise us and make Ethereum data beautiful. Prize up to $500 --- **Note on bounties for ethereum.org** - Proposals should follow design system colors and fonts:https://www.figma.com/file/NrNxGjBL0Yl1PrNrOT8G2B/ethereum.org-Design-System?type=design&node-id=0%3A1&mode=design&t=zRSghshMik4wo9wG-1 - Proposals will be displayed on a dark and light theme - should be vector-based - max width of 800px - needs to follow basic accessibility requirements > color contrast/font size After you submit your entries, some teams from the Ethereum Foundation might also want to collaborate further with you. Have a look at the RIG open problems https://efdn.notion.site/e57d2e4d207a43c4abdaef71456e59ae?v=3aa44b30109a40aa90f2119d60c4d075 to see a sample of the cool things you could do. These visualizations will not only celebrate the complexity and beauty of the Ethereum network but also serve as educational tools for the community. Good luck to all participants!