# Goerli shadow fork testing plan Context about the goerli shadow fork can be found here: https://twitter.com/vdWijden/status/1484255125170532358 We basically shadow forked goerli and currently have automation to do this more easily. The aim is to repeat this shadow fork process relatively often, allowing us to test the merge transition in various scenarios. Post merge, we will have a network with actual historic state - Allowing us to test edge cases related to syncing. The aim of this document is to list various tests that can be performed in such a network. ## Tests ### Merge transition related - Healthy network during merge transition - Non-finality during merge transition - Attempt reorg around merge transition - Have a few syncing nodes while the merge transition happens - Test TTD override ### Sync related - Sync during non-finality - Sync with re-orgs happening - Test EL sync during CL optimistic sync mode ### General tests - Test general transactions - Test interactions with widely used goerli smart contracts - Deposit into the deposit contract - Run a slasher on the testnet - Deploy and test contracts - Include invalid transactions - Slash validators - Use RANDOM opcode - Write malicious miners/block producers/validators