# bigboi-beaconchain-test-2 ### Details: - 2.1M validators total - 420 nodes - 16c/32Gb each machine - 5k keys/node - Prysm 43%, lighthouse 33.5%, teku 17.5%, nimbus 5% and lodestar 1% ### Overall health: Epoch 3: Proposals: 25/32 (78.12%) Attestations: 928136/2100000 (44.20%) Source timely: 867459/2100000 (41.31%) Target correct: 928136/2100000 (44.20%) Target timely: 928136/2100000 (44.20%) Head correct: 897751/2100000 (42.75%) Head timely: 714156/2100000 (34.01%) Sync committees: 10148/12800 (79.28%) ### Overall Network Report: - The network is clearly not finalizing. The proposal rates are extremely healthy at ~80% range(compared to attestations). The attestations however aren't, indicating an issue in performing attestation duties in time or attestation propagation issues. - Overall, the mainnet distribution is more consistent and performant compared to the more equal distribution. - Per client resource use: ![resource-use](https://storage.googleapis.com/ethereum-hackmd/upload_251adeff78a233db14873b09791119f6.png) ^ The above graph indicates that on average every client pair has enough resources. There are no clients that are hitting 100% use, the individual node graphs also do not indicate that any node goes above 85% usage of CPU. RAM use is far more stable and doesn't seem to increase beyond the initial increase due to non-finality periods. - ![block-propagation](https://storage.googleapis.com/ethereum-hackmd/upload_18cce32cddf6f4f52572225ca08de7b9.png) ^ The above block propagation chart is far healthier than earlier tests. We rarely see the block propagation values taking too long, they are mostly propagated within the expected slot time - average being ~4s and p95 being 8-14s. - ![block-propagation-heatmap](https://storage.googleapis.com/ethereum-hackmd/upload_b62054c373906a93404ee55081698161.png) ^ The heatmap reinforces the idea, most blocks are infact propagated in an expepcted band (however that band is still slightly slower than mainnet which manages the 750ms-2s range). - ![attestation-propagation](https://storage.googleapis.com/ethereum-hackmd/upload_74ffc4e68a755e49db3b61d05afe3eae.png) ^ Attestation propagation however isn't as healthy. The p95 mark is routinely above 20s, indicating that a lot of attestations are just too late. The average value is ~8-10s. - ![attestation-seen-rate](https://storage.googleapis.com/ethereum-hackmd/upload_47d33c5da95462c696f362923db82b44.png) ^ Xatu sees more attestations per epoch than ethdo (which is looking exclusively at what was include onchain). This graph has an interval of 2mins -> 500k * 3 = ~1.5m attestations per epoch (ethdo believes there are ~950k per epoch). The xatu query is taking a unique count of all attestation signatures seen in that time window, so bursts of attestations/delays may be slightly throwing things out by including old attestations in this metric. **May indicate that `MAX_ATTESTATIONS` is insufficient at this scale?** - ![attestation-propagation-heatmap](https://storage.googleapis.com/ethereum-hackmd/upload_5e063ce64e5792c10eea04df10d486f6.png) ^ The attestation heatmap is far better than the previous run. We can indeed see that most attestations go out in the 4-5s mark as excpected. However, the variance is still a bit wide, we see a lot of attestations towards the end of the slot as well. - Client specific performance for a duration (averaged by client pair) can be found here: https://grafana.observability.ethpandaops.io/d/participation_rates_dashboard/validator-participation-rates-dashboards?orgId=1&var-network=goerli&from=1691521652584&to=1691528618251 - ![target-participation-rates](https://storage.googleapis.com/ethereum-hackmd/upload_2ae9429bfea46d515f386fcddbd288f1.png) ^ In the above graph (link in the previous point), we can see the averaged performance per client pair. Lodestar and Lighthouse are routinely able to hit the ~70% mark whereas Prysm is able to hit the ~45% mark. Teku and Nimbus are lower at the ~20% mark. Reach out to Dapplion to know more about how these stats are collected. ### Client Specific Reports: - Pending, help out! - Teku: - Lodestar: - Lighthouse: - Prysm: - Nimbus: