# Merge Implementers call Date: 17 June Agenda: https://github.com/ethereum/pm/issues/340 ## Start Mikhail: working on Merge transition implementation in Teku. Next step is to start a local PoW testnet, and run the transition. We can reuse rayonism scripts to setup nodes, and use the Geth PR of Gary to apply the transition on the execution side. ## Spec polishing Justin polished some of the Merge spec, see https://github.com/ethereum/eth2.0-specs/pull/2472 No major changes, but breaking (e.g. execution payload field re-order). ## Randao RANDAO could be send directly to EVM context, not embedded in the execution payload. (it's part of the Beacon State). We have to change `DIFFICULTY` regardless, it could be used for RANDAO, or set to constant 1. Micah: If `DIFFICULTY` becomes randao, do we have to change it later? A: randomness source may change again (VDF), so `RANDAO` is misleading. Naming it `RANDOM` may be better. We use full `256` bits of randao mix. Potential source of bugs (overflow, difficulty wasn't as large). Tomasz: AuRa uses uint256 (Open Ethereum and Nethermind support it) Danny: we'll need an EIP for `DIFFICULTY` -> constant/random change ## Where specs go Tim Beiko: - EIPs for eth1 changes - Work in progress Eth2-like spec for Eth1, but don't wait for that - Need to track a list of changes, also to answer "when-merge?" Danny: - fork eth1-executable spec - track EIPs - Maybe start with informational EIP, like with phase0 Tim Beiko: - Network syncing doesn't all have Micah: EIPs are not a non-technical documentation place. It's just technical specs. Tim: we need a wrapper/list to define the Merge. Some things can live in EIPs. Mikhail/Tim: timeline doesn't work well, checkboxes can help track progress. Micah: split up the eth1 consensus changes in more EIPs. Large monolithic EIP can get stuck on bike-shedding. Micah/Danny: list of things first, then find balance. Mikhail/Tim: start with combined document, then split up when themes/times are clear. ## Post-research Research is near-completion, but then more implementation left. State-sync, API, etc. Also organize testing. Hive, test-vectors, etc. And soon rebase Merge work on Altair, and try to do this move in-sync with all Merge implementers.