# The Great Renaming With London shipped and Altair on the way, it is now time to make good on the promise we had made Micah: to rename "eth1" and "eth2" to "execution" and "consensus" across Github, Discord, etc. To make sure we're doing this coherently, here's a list of hopefully all things to rename, and what we should rename it to. ## General Principles * s/eth1/execution * s/eth2/beacon OR s/eth2/consensus, depending on context * Avoid "layer" (e.g. "execution-layer") in repo names for brevity * When nothing (e.g. `pm`, `annotated-spec`), add clarification * Lowercase words, uppercase acronyns (EIPs, API, etc.) * Renaming within the repos is out of scope for now. Will leave to repo owners/community on a best-effort basis going forward. ## Github - [x] [eth1.0-specs](https://github.com/ethereum/eth1.0-specs) -> [`execution-specs`](https://github.com/ethereum/execution-specs) - [x] [eth2.0-APIs](https://github.com/ethereum/eth2.0-APIs) -> [`beacon-APIs`](https://github.com/ethereum/beacon-APIs) - [x] [annotated-spec](https://github.com/ethereum/annotated-spec) -> `annotated-pos-specs` * Pinged repo owner - [x] [eth1.0-apis](https://github.com/ethereum/eth1.0-apis) -> [`execution-APIs`](https://github.com/ethereum/execution-APIs) - [x] [eth2.0-specs](https://github.com/ethereum/eth2.0-specs) -> [`consensus-specs`](https://github.com/ethereum/consensus-specs) - [x] [eth2.0-pm](https://github.com/ethereum/eth2.0-pm) -> delete and move content over to `pm` - [x] [pm](https://github.com/ethereum/pm) -> unchanged - [x] [tests](https://github.com/ethereum/tests) -> `execution-tests` * Pinged repo owner - [x] [eth2.0-deposit](https://github.com/ethereum/eth2.0-deposit) -> `staking-launchpad` - [x] checking with Carl - [x] [eth2.0-metrics](https://github.com/ethereum/eth2.0-metrics) -> [`beacon-metrics`](https://github.com/ethereum/beacon-metrics) - [x] [eth2.0-spec-tests](https://github.com/ethereum/eth2.0-spec-tests) -> [`consensus-spec-tests`](https://github.com/ethereum/consensus-spec-tests) - [x] [eth2.0-deposit-cli](https://github.com/ethereum/eth2.0-deposit-cli) -> `staking-deposit-cli` - [x] Note: launchpad directs users to `eth2.0-deposit-cli`. Although GitHub will auto-redirect, if we really want to rename it, I think it's better to explain the renaming on the launchpad in advance. - [x] checking with Carl - [x] [eth2-ssv](https://github.com/ethereum/eth2-ssv) -> `ssv` * Pinged repo owner - [x] [EIPs](https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs) -> do nothing (for now) Other repositories haven't been touched since mid-2020, so probably not worth updating. ## Discord ### By Category Specific channels stay as is unless otherwise noted. - [x] General -> Stays as is - [x] `#allcoredevs` -> leave as is: becomes the main channel for execution and consensus layer dev discussion - [x] `#eth1.x` -> rename to `#execution-dev` - [x] `#eth2` -> rename to `#consensus-dev` - [x] Eth1 -> Execution Layer - [x] Eth 1.x Research -> Execution R&D - [x] `#1559-fee-market` -> `#fee-market` (1559 is live, subsequent changes will have their own EIP numbers) - [x] Eth2 Research -> Consensus R&D - [x] Merge -> Deprecate - [x] Move `#rayonism` to the graveyard - [x] Move `#merge-general` to the General category and rename to `#merge` - [x] Eth2 Interop -> Consensus Layer (Consider moving up so that the order makes sense) - [x] `#eth2-tooling` -> `#tooling` ## Calls Currently, we have recurring AllCoreDevs and Eth2 calls. Should we rename these to "Execution Layer" and "Consensus Layer" calls? * Trending towards "yes", here. Keeping both calls helps keep decision making more independent. Obviously, some things will need to be coordinated (e.g. the slot/block for upgrades affecting both sides). For these, we can make the decision on one call and confirm on the other. Also, we will likely have more "working group" calls as other initiative are being worked on (e.g. state expiry, sharding, etc.), like we've done in the past for the merge, stateless, 1559, etc. ## Forums ### Ethereum Magicians - [ ] [Ethereum 1.x Ring](https://ethereum-magicians.org/c/working-groups/ethereum-1-x-ring/33) -> Execution Layer ### ethresear.ch - [x] [Eth 1.x Research](https://ethresear.ch/c/eth1x-research/37) -> [Execution Layer Research](https://ethresear.ch/c/execution-layer-research/37) - [x] [Eth1 to Eth2 Transition](https://ethresear.ch/c/eth1-to-eth2-transition/38) -> [The Merge](https://ethresear.ch/c/the-merge/38) - [x] [Eth2 Phase 2](https://ethresear.ch/c/eth2-phase-2/35) -> [Sharded Execution](https://ethresear.ch/c/sharded-execution/35)